Singer/Songwriter Matthew Green weaves sincere and haunting tales with a distinctive and intimate voice, rooted in the folk music tradition, with classical and pop elements, and a playful stage show. 

2015 saw the release of "Tide Pools". Culled from a larger project, the 5 chosen songs washed up at the same pool and had to have their say.

These "Pools” are where they have all been gathering.

Circling back, and coming home to work with longtime collaborator/friend, and producer of 2007’s “Of my Tribe” Rick Szybowski, the arrangements quickly began to take shape and find their sea legs, with the ease of a solid trust and connection.

There was an incredible team established - Mike Reilly on Drums and Percussion (Hoots & Hellmouth, HaHa Tonka), Steve Duckworth was able to step in for one song on cello (his beautiful work is all over "Little Howl"), Sarah Gliko (also a huge part of the "Little Howl" band) helped arrange some harmony lines. And with Rick as captain, and an amazing multi-instrumentalist himself - they pushed off from shore.

Tide Pools was inspired sonically a bit by Americana, and everything else in between. And from the influences of its

co-creators. Also, a 3-day songwriting camp in Oregon that changed Matthew’s approach to the craft of writing, with a couple hard won, and also beautifully easy lessons learned along the way. The vision became, and becomes more clear. 


Matthew hails from the suburbs of Philadelphia, but spent time in Arizona and then New York City where he performed regularly - most notably with the NY Singer/Songwriter Sessions at such legendary venues as CBGB's and The Bitter End. Since returning to Philadelphia he has released three recordings (2007's Of My Tribe, 2010’s Little Howl, and 2015’s Tide Pools) and is active in the Philadelphia music scene.